Laggan Rhye have been recording songs for years now, and every song has its own tale to tell.

On this page you will find brief descriptions of all of the songs, and you can click on the picture to browse to that particular song where you can find the lyrics, an explanation and a link to the download of the song.
Since Laggan Rhye is still playing, new songs are added at regular intervals. To make life easier they are added from the top.

Interbellico Pre-production 2017 A song about the space between two major events. The space can be freed up, but it also can be lengthened. It all depends on how you handle the solace.
void() Production 2017
The storyteller finds a note in the letterbox. Join him on his journey to cope with it.
The song is split in three parts, joined together like a void.

Iíve just received a letter
A letter of consent
It contains fifteen words
And all in discontent

Iíve just received a letter
Itís short and well addressed
Did expect to get it
An answer to my quest

Dear Sir.
Since wealth and truth can not coexist
your position has been ended.
The establishment
35 Recording 2017 This is a song about not knowing what to choose.
It originates back to the difference between a land mile (1609m) and a nautical mail (1852), which is 243 meters.
243 = 3x3x3x3x3 = 35

When I watch you spin Ďnd roll
And I wonder if you know
And I wonder if you see
Which mile you want to be
Lie #6 Recording 2017 This song is based upon Revelation 6:12-17. Line 12, 13 and 14 are:
"I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place."

The sign was clear
Not to be mistaken
The tide rose tall
There was no escaping
The moon was bright
I sat up awaken

If Not Dark And Light Oppose Recording 2017 A song about the mythical figure INDALO that supposedly lived in Andalusia, Spain. The opening sentences give a recap of the story:

This is a story íbout ancient times.
Long ago in the desert, desolated.
Few survivors of the temblors, many died.
But there was a decuman courier, isolated.

On the slope of the mountains of Velez Rubio.
He stands strong, vehemently decided.
And left us a mark, not to be forgotten.
For us to never, never be misguided.

miles away from truth

Pre-production 2014

[almost finished the recordings, well over 27 minutes length. It will be an epos, bigger than the songs we have been releasing for years]

[a short demo can be heard here]


Released 2014 A small story about a raindrop that is left on a leaf after a big rainstorm. He is wondering why he is alone. Since he is alone he never speaks out, and thinks the drop he's seeing is a mirror copy, a reflection of himself. Until another storm comes along and a big old and experienced drop lands on his leaf. He talks to him and tells him he's not alone. What he thinks' is a reflection is in fact another drop. By change they are a male drop and a female drop. (OK, as a lyric I am allowed to stretch the reality a bit...). They fall in LOVE and are very happy they are together. But as LOVE always has a sad side they can never hold each other.

"Keep distance, If we come close we get one.
 Don't kiss me, when we touch our love is gone."

A song introduction is to be viewed here, the complete lyrics are to be read here.


Released 2013 Journey through life, that's the short description of the content of this song. Inspired by impressions done when on holiday on Fuerteventura.

This journey through life takes you from a dirt road in the desert to an oasis. Not wanting to leave the oasis you leave your shadow behind. When back on the dirt road you are attacked by ferocious animals. By pure endurance you reach a beautiful place where there's a lot of water. Senses come back and you realize you can't hide from your shadow, you also can't unite with it...

(The Banishment)

Released 2013 And Laggan Rhye has made another epos, now stretching for 8 minutes and 25 seconds. It is based on five notes which form the base of the song. It is the verse of the song and these five notes, played in a five eight bar, were on a sign in front of The Guinness Bar in Corralejo, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands). Sadly enough the bar isn't there anymore, but the memory still lives on in this song. The buildup of the verse-theme can be studied here [link not available yet].

Exile is a song about a man estranged from his homeland ("Purple Rock"). Though sad enough, he faces reality to understand that he is not banished, he is made superfluous without any legacy.

Who is who?

Too Much Rope

Released 2012 After years of making compact songs this is an almost 11 minutes epos Laggan Rhye is renown for. It has got all the elements that make up a great listening experience, like being on a trip.

The song is a song within a song, held together by a rope...

If given too much rope, one might take advantage. But too much rope can also suffocate. It's the fine balance of not too much rope that gives the best return.


Released 2011 How many hours in a day?
While you might think there are mere 24 hours in day, all is relative to the beholder. When youíre having fun, time does seem to speed up. When youíre bored, time stretches out. Time can have lag, or skew, and seems albeit relative.
This song is written on a holiday on Fuerteventura and is all based on the phrase ďThereís no problem thereĒ. The very amiable fellow John McCarthy is renowned for this phrase. See you soon, John !
Special guest appearance on this song: John Hamers (keyboard solo at the end of the song).
The Ant Song

Released 2009 Ants are known to be hard workers. They are getting together and with their cooperation they achieve amazing goals. When there's something threatening their colony, they will do almost anything to protect themselves. They will even bunk up with enemies ants.

Released 2008 "There must be life on Mars" is one sentence from the song One. The song is a proclamation to mankind, to stand bold against opposition, to not be afraid of suppressors.
"I'm here"

Released 2007 Sometimes it hard to understand that the solution may be closer, much closer than you think. As a figure of speak it is just one mouse click, that's all it takes to make contact. Or one phone call, one simple note, one kind handshake.

Released 2007 I want to be whoever I want to be, whatever I want to be. If you set your mind to it, you can be anyone, anything.
Afraid of the Dark

Released 2006 Afraid Of The Dark is about the rather persistent misconception that darkness is accompanied by fear. Fear for the unknown, fear you canít see what is coming towards you.

Fear in itself is something that only lives in your own mind. And since you yourself are making up those fearful thought, you could say you are afraid of yourself.

So to overcome fear you would have to be not afraid anymore, not afraid of yourself.

How can darkness be frightening if you arenít afraid of yourself? Indeed, it canít.

Released 2006 on "A Word in Heinsight" Falling is a song about the experience of one day. It tells a beautiful awakening, and you feel happy. You have breakfast and make a short stroll on the moors. But suddenly, when climbing a little hill, you slip and fall down. You loose consciousness and experience a heavenly dream: ďAm I a bird, am I an angel, so quiet over here, is this heaven?Ē

But then you snap out of the dream. You awake in a busy hospital, lying on a stretcher. People walk all around you but they donít seem to notice you. You look underneath the blanket you are lying under and you are shocked: You legs are amputated.

ďWhat am I to do? How am I to live?Ē

You pass away, falling in a deep sleep thinking about your life and what to do next.

Again you snap out of the dream to see you are lying at the foot of the hill. It is evening. Your clothes are filthy and stained, but: You have your legs. All is intact and well.

You walk back home, still puzzled from the dream. And when you go to bed and get undressed you notice two big scars on your legs, as if the legs were sowed on againÖ
Going South

Released 2006 on "A Word in Heinsight" Going South is a song about mishap in life, to fall and to stand up.

In fact, the expression "It's going south" means things are going down, like milk turn sour.

But mishap is only in the eye of the beholder, so you could say it is like a ray of light. If a ray of light "goes south" it obviously must be at nightfall, when darkness sets in. It is like a drop of rain falling in the sea: It dissolves. It is the way you overcome mishap, it smoothly dissolves in a big pool of other experiences.
Years Ago

Released 2006 on "A Word in Heinsight" Remember early days ? When you were young ? I bet you have had your share of fun, those days. I remember walking the woods, and in the winter I took my sleigh and sled from a hill nearby. I didnít mind getting dirty and had lots, lots of energyÖ I could stay up the whole night and watch the sun rise in the morning.
But then I grew older, and I was learning to walk, to talk and at last even to speak. It didnít mean much, but I was able to look around and watch the moon shine bright till it made me dizzy. I was young and full of hope. I realized I could be anything.
But now, after youth has passed me by, I know I was meaning to walk, I was meaning to talk, and I even was meaning to speak. But I ended up to be walking around and walking ahead, telling everybody that, when I was young, the moon shone bright. Telling it over and over again till I get dizzyÖ
Until It Opens

Released 2006 on "A Word in Heinsight" Until It Opens refers to visions and thought in your head you are only able to see if you set your mind to it. You canít interpret them until you open your mind and let those thought get in. Lingering on memories, reminding the beauty of hindsight, all those nice moments seem to imprint today. Nevertheless they are only memories and what you do, how you act and where you go: Thereís only one person that can actually do it: Itís you, yourself.


released 2004 on "In Total Silence" Indaal is a beautiful place on a tiny island at the Scottish west-coast. It brings back memories about a time sadly forgotten. It was a time when all was well and all ends well. Yeah, like that ever happened ! Yeah, memories can play tricks with your perception, but in this case : Modesty would be appropriate. The past always/mostly seems better and you can dwell upon it, but nevertheless, reality teaches that common sense is to be preferred. If only I can get back in time...
Light Behind the Moon

released 2004 on "In Total Silence" (also released with a video clip) Running with a great haste. No good. You can't see details and you tend to follow your instincts. Oh, how they can fool you. Just like a light behind the moon : You know it's there, but any which way you try, you can't see it. Agony. And in the same time it's like a spell : Comfort, even if it hurts you. If only you could break out of your habits and travel the road less trodden on...
Eye of the Shadow

released 2004 on "In Total Silence" This song tells that truth lies inside your heart. And even if you can't see the truth, or if you have to tell otherwise, it still is there. Like a light that shines behind the moon : You can't see it, but you know it's there. If just you could travel and see that light...
The Rock

released 2004 on "In Total Silence" Ask yourself if you are what you, in your youth, told yourself you wanted to be. I bet you are a different person. Like you ever were able to influence your destiny. That's what this song is about : A pebble in a tiny river has no option : Upstream is impossible, so let going with the flow be as pleasant as possible...

released 2004 on "In Total Silence" Please join Laggan Rhye in a journey through the earth. Yes, you read it as it is : In this song you journey through the sea, right through the core of the earth and emerge at the other side. Swimming with whales and all... Departing from the CAVE, boarded on a wooden sail ship. Unfortunately it is lost in a firm storm, and you emerge under water. Deprived of air, you DREAM about what would could have become of your life. And now something strange happens : You wake up, two miles beneath the surface, in deep WATER. Very weird and strange creatures swim around you, and in the dim light green seems to be purple... et ego in arcadia vixi. When you crawl through the earth you look back and in evaluating your life you come to MY VIEW : turn your head and look behind. Never ever forget who you are and what made you to0 what you are now. So emerge and swim with the big fishes in CAVE (reprise). Our journey has ended...
The Condor

remaster released 2004 on "In Total Silence" (originally released 2000 on "4 Words SE") One day I realized I was playing a part in a show I was grown to be accustomed to, but I didn't like the way the part was going to. I especially didn't like my role, since it told me I was alienated from life, in constant hiding... I looked in the mirror to find I was more curious about the person behind the frame than inside it. Was I lost ? Was I stranded ? No, I had to end a bad relationship.
The Mirror (or the Game)

released 1999 on "4 Words" Ever felt hurt by a broken relationship? For a short while you feel like fleeing game, shot and bleeding.

This song is about just that, but you can interpret the word game in two ways: Game as in animals that eat plants, and game as in play.
The whole charade around breaking up is one big game. A game that hunts the gameÖ

And when I look in the mirror, I want to look behind it, to see where the person is I once was. If only I could break out the frame, the frame keeping me into this game.
Sunset Paradise

released 1999 on "4 Words" Are you afraid of fear? Quite normal, I would say. But you have to overcome fear to reach paradise. If paradise is to be reached through the sun, the best time to get there would be sunset. If you run to the edge of fear, you can run for days, months, a year.

No, seriously, you canít reach it. To make it possible you would have to able to listen to the ghost of tomorrow. The sad thing is that tomorrow will always be tomorrow, so you canít reach it.

released 1999 on "4 Words" Today takes you on a short journey that started yesterday, visits today and ends tomorrow. And in retrospect there is only one conclusion: If words could speak, they would shout out loud. They would say thereís nothing worth to be worried about.

As things occur, at the moment they happen they seem worrying. But in aftermath they arenít that frightening after all. Time can heal almost any wound and almost every bad experience. Just relax and sit back.

released 1999 on "4 Words" In itself time is merely a pulse that keeps track of things. And as I see it, time is a motivator and at the same time it can make you feel hasted. It is talking rhythm, and fills my heuristic need. Everything is guided by the time, but in itself you canít grab it or keep up with it. Imagine yourself in a huge clock, running after the hand for the seconds. It can get creepy when you arenít able to math your speed with the hand and keep falling backÖ

Something else: A little joke Aschwin has put us up with. Look at the lyrics of the verse. If you only look at the first letter and put them together, you get the title of the song : TIME.