Laggan Rhye - Road

Large dark headstones
guide me through the plane.
And the heat is getting to me,
it’s driving me insane.
Tall barren mountains,
ages without rain.
And the water’s getting sparse now,
out here life’s a strain.

Small little lizards
nibbling at my cane.

I’m all right now,
comfy in this tract.
Sheltered by the tall green leaves,
happy as one can get.
Mmmmm it’s O.K. now,
hazard is no threat.
Why must I leave now?
Please, can I leave my silhouette?

Walking in the dust
driving me insane.
And the draught is killing me,
how can I sustain?
Sunrays scorch my skin,
the heat is inhumane.
And the pain makes me stumble,
I hope it’s not in vain.

Small little beetles
chewing on my brain.

Just now I was chased,
five big iguanas.
And the biggest was real scary,
lots of bloody stains.
Tracked by fearful tigers,
tagged out, swollen stains.
And the vampire bats are smiling [ha ha ha]
[ha ha ha] looking at my veins.

Small little roaches
nibbling at my feet.

Sleeping in on any day we were together,
any moment I have dozed off,
any minute I crossed my shadow in my fall.
Weeping in the morning ev’ry day we were together,
any moment I opposed you,
any time I touched my imprint on the wall.

Hush, hush, hush.

Walking on moist grass,
great to feel my feet wet.
And my toes are all soaked now,
but my feet are not offset.
Large dark headstones,
lead me from the threat.
And the water’s in abundance,
this is as good as yet.

And the road has come to an end,
can I join my silhouette?