Laggan Rhye - One

Flying in a jumbo jet
Driving in a Benz
Sailing into Saint Tropez
I canít seem to get ahead

Diving into Marianne
Jetting from the moon
Standing strong when no one dares
Iím nearby very soon

Standing tall, standing firm
Standing bold and proud
The only thing that can bring me down
Is when the sun is hidden by a cloud

I hear your voice
I hear your call

Sailing on ocean waves
Smiling at the stars
Running into million places
There must be life on Mars

But when I try to understand
I cannot hear the words
I cannot grasp your explanation
Run it down once more

I hear your voice
I hear your call

Talking like a Roman priest
Speaking with mouth shut
Telling stories about what once
Was telling worth about

Writing like a solemn poet
Hemmingway is dead
Pencil strokes hurt like hell
My bearingís not ahead

Thinking Ďbout a better world
Smiling at your kin
All those people smiling back
Yet someone must begin

And when I try to understand
There are thousand words
All saying that we all agree
Now someone must come first

I hear your voice
I hear your call