Laggan Rhye - LOVE

Whooo, it's storming
A real downpour from above.
Whooo, transforming
From damp to drop is tough.

Mmmm, I'm all alone
I'm left on this green leaf.
I find myself rescued
I'm still in disbelief.
Mmmm, I'm on my own
I'm safe now, I'm in relief.
I find myself O.K.
Well I think I need a debrief.

Whooo, it's raining
A million drops on the tree.
Whooo, complaining
It's cold, it's damp, it's dark, it's wet debris.
Whooo, regaining
Getting stronger, I am free.
Whooo, sustaining
I open my eyes, I can see

The winds have fallen
The storm has gone away.
Since I can see now
I can watch myself astray.
Solely on this big leaf
I think I look O.K.
Wonder I can stay here
Do I have to go away?

Now, it's calm now
Rain has gone now, I cohere.
Now, it's dry now
The sun is the best diet here.
Now, I diminish
I get lessen I decrease.
Now, will I finish?
Will water make me obese?

At night it's damp
It makes me grow.
By daytime the sun
Dries me up real slow.
Why am I here?
Why am I here alone?
The other drops have companions
But I, I am sole.

Hear, the wind growing
Storm is on it's way.
Hear, the haze blowing
The sky is turning grey.
Hear, the water's falling
Moist is my feared threat.
Hear, wolves are hauling
All the trees get wet.

   A big large drop has come around
   It has joined me on my leaf.
   He greets us and makes me astound
   He tells there's no need for grief.
   He tells I am not alone
   All the time we were us two.
   I never got to speak out loud
   Reflection is not me, it's you.

(woman:) Mmmm, why were you silent?
Why haven't you talked to me?
Mmmm, why were you consent?
I thought you couldn't see.
Mmmm, why didn't you speak out?
Waiting for drops from above.
Mmmm, we were together throughout
My eyes are wet with love.

(together:) Whooo, together
Not alone as you can see.
Whooo, forever
It's no mirror, "I am thee".
Whooo, keep distance
If we come close we get one.
Whooo, don't kiss me
When we touch our love is gone.