Laggan Rhye - Light Behind the Moon

intercepted by the moon

tossed and twisted by your mood

we will be meeting very soon

as my pathway will lead to you

falling down, falling down, integrity lost

breaking out of orbital insanity

breaking out of bright lunar vanity

it's ecliptic latitude lost and found

your face on the horizon

a maze of scattered rays

your face on the horizon

a place to fly around the moon

well accepted sun in June

taunt and tired by your feud

we will defeat this afternoon

as my portray will misconstrue

tumbling down, tumbling down, unity lost

make the clouds all disappear completely

make the clouds all vanish and dissolve

apocalyptic gratitude safe and sound

it's your face on the horizon

smile the spell-bound sky

with your face on the horizon

you try, you fly, you light behind the moon

casting shadow on the earth,

facing downwards in the surge,

of the moon,

well into the night she calls on every soul that is blinded,

stranded, lost, in desperate maroon,

in the spell of the moon