Laggan Rhye - Lie #6

The sign was clear
Not to be mistaken
The tide rose tall
There was no escaping
The moon was bright
I sat up awaken

I am caught by your force
once weíre one, now divorced
a piece of you is me
Iím always here to be

Twelve times a year
Youíre completely sunlit
The road was near
Almost didnít make it
I hear wolves hauling
Left alone forsaken
The moon turned red
Canít see no one aching

my body gives you tide
I am cold on one side
created by a storm
Iím facing you with warmth

Iím sending you my rays
Whatís that I hear you say?
Somethingís blocking my precious gift
Hello Earth: Beat it now, be swift

my face is always hot
Iím the cause of floods
my face can cool and rest
leaving now, go down West

Youíre not blackened
Not even red inflame
Nothing happened
And all is still the same
Someone told me
The prophecyís away
No sixth seal, no horsemen
The moon is back to stay

Your force has got me caught
Iím faced with lots of thought
Iím waiting for the slide
When is my chance to hide?

(based upon Revelation 6:12)