Laggan Rhye - If Not Dark And Light Oppose (INDALO)

This is a story ’bout ancient times. Long ago in the desert, desolated. Few survivors of the temblors, many died. But there was a solemn courier, isolated.
On the slope of the mountains of Velez Rubio. He stands strong, fiercely decided. And left us a mark, not to be forgotten. For us to never, never be misguided.

This morning when I woke up,
I sensed the birds were silent.
A warning or a prelude?
I saw clouds filled with diamond.

This morning when I woke up,
I saw the fish were barren.
A mystery or puzzle?
I saw clouds torn by flashes.

This morning when I woke up,
The pigeons lost their bearing.
A mind game or a treason?
I saw people dull and staring.

And I said “No miracle”
And I stand tall, durable

Ev’rywhere the sun is blocked
The light has disappeared.
Sunrays broken, castaway
All people scared and feared.
What is good, what is wrong
Where’s the moon, where’s the sun?
Up or down, left or right
We go down without a fight.
oh oh oh oh

El sol es oscuro,
la luz se ha ido
La luna es negra,
Y no hay sombras.

This midday when I wandered,
I walked down to the wellspring.
A sign, signal or token?
I saw pink light, overwhelming.

This midday when I wandered,
I saw the fish were gasping.
A tragedy, disaster.
I saw bad water, the well turned south.

This midday when I wandered,
The dolphins washed ashore.
The tidal waves inshore.
The nature started war.

And I get light multicolored
And I find cave fully covered.

Ev’rywhere purple pink glow
The light is split by fear.
Sunrays broken, flashing red
There’s no safe place but here.
Where to go, where to leave?
I’m still in disbelief.
Earth shaking, falling rocks
Bones breaking.

Lo que es bueno,
qué está mal.
¿Dónde está la luna,
donde esta el sol?

Hello, where are you?
Hello, are you here?
Hello, are you in there?
Hello, why disappear?

Please tell me where you are
I’m here
Please tell me if I’m far
I can hear

How can I find you?
Look ahead
How can I pass through?
Look up instead

Now tell me where you are
Next to you, next to you
Please twinkle like a star
No can do, no can do

Yes, I found the cave.
I welcome you inside.
I see rainbow engraved.
My arms are open wide.