Laggan Rhye - Indaal

I walk the boat

Down the headland

I stroll the quay

Waving good-bye

Saluting the sea

(Headin’) back to the ocean

Recruiting the sailor

(Just to be) Getting back in time

--In time--, you know the reason

--I had to leave

--In crime--, we felt the treason

--I morn this grieve

Indaal in my eyes--,

(From) sunset till the morning

Long forgotten goodbyes--,

(They) all left me without warning

I write this note

Know it offhand

I dole and sway

Write this reply

Disputing to see

(Short) Words in devotion

(Still) Making up dialog

(Just to be) Getting back in time

I find the words

Noun adjectives

Amble today

Words you imply

Refuting my plea

(Just) Words in commotion

(We’re) Looting our feelings

(Just to be) Getting back in time