Laggan Rhye - Grey Stairs

On the verge of reality we walk on broken glass.
Find you and me insanity don't walk on the grass.
The grass isn't green, pain won't redeem, silly thoughts in my mind.
You and me, why don't we see, why don't we see what we have to find?

In the dark of your mind
You seem to carry on
And in the light of your eyes
A monster in a dungeon.

In the midst of the silense we tried to avoid tradding the fall.
Find you an me infatuation don't walk on the wall.
The wall isn't black, pain won't hold back, giddy heed in my mind.
Me and you, why can't we do, why can't we grab on to what you'll find?

It's a sparkle in you mind
You seem to carry on
And in the fright of your eyes
A monster in a dungeon.

Growing pains, the offsprings are a turn up for the book.
I seem to be careless, keep granny on the hook
Red-lattice is her trade you sold her down the river
You were burning at your high chair when you slipped the collar
Ethel is her name she got no one to blame has she missed out?
Acting out of her fantasies, she's trying to cater to a will
You shape out the clay, watch your hair turn gray, dodder on the stairs.
Grey stairs above will be destructive love, staring at wisdom beheld as my heart of ice:
The Melt

At the edge of the darkness we swing on memory lane.
Find you and me inflexability, don't walk on the line.
The line isn't white, you and me you can find drippy muse in my mind.
You and me why don't we flee, why don't we flee until the day will end?

It's a part of your mind.
You seem to carry on.
And in hide of your eyes.
A monster in a dungeon.