Laggan Rhye - Falling

Falling is a song about the experience of one day.

It tells a beautiful awakening, and you feel happy. You have breakfast and make a short stroll on the moors. But suddenly, when climbing a little hill, you slip and fall down. You loose consciousness and experience a heavenly dream: Am I a bird, am I an angel, so quiet over here, is this heaven?

But then you snap out of the dream. You awake in a busy hospital, lying on a stretcher. People walk all around you but they dont seem to notice you. You look underneath the blanket you are lying under and you are shocked: You legs are amputated.

What am I to do? How am I to live?

You pass away, falling in a deep sleep thinking about your life and what to do next.

Again you snap out of the dream to see you are lying at the foot of the hill. It is evening. Your clothes are filthy and stained, but: You have your legs. All is intact and well.

You walk back home, still puzzled from the dream. And when you go to bed and get undressed you notice two big scars on your legs, as if the legs were sowed on again



Hello, good morning

Still drowsy from the night

Bird are singing, telling each other

A new day has begun

I fetch myself a newspaper

Boil an egg, enjoy the silence

A bite of toast, hmmmm

A smile on my face

Walking in the morning sun

Walk the meadow towards a spring

Having lots of fun, smiling at the sun

So happy I start to sing:



Silence solace peacefulness

Smile on my happy face

Beauty and lovely colors

Sun shines golden rays

Flying fearless in the sky

No limbs, no feeling inside

Nicely warm and lots of joy,

Find myself in rocks nd all

Time is on my side

The slope is steep nd wide

Watch out, watch out, watch out

Watch out for the steep slope

Watch out, watch out, watch out



Find yourself in hazard

Find yourself in pain

Find yourself reluctant

Falling down again

Falling down the slope

Falling down the hill

Falling down the rocks

Face down on the ground



Mmmmm, Im floating on clouds

Mmmmm, Im riding my dream

Im flying back on the skyway

Dreaming away and away and away

Mmmmm, Im in all this beauty

Mmmmm, Im happy to sing

Im smiling far away

And my smile is to stay is to stay is to stay

Im flying with birds

Flying with angels

Flying on my side

Im swimming with fishes

Swimming with angels

Swimming on my side



Awake and bewildered


Where are my legs? Are they gone, are they gone?

How am I to live?


What can I do now? Where am I to go, where am I to go?



I snap out of this dream

Awakening again

The day has passed by

Home again



Hello, good evening

Still drowsy from the day

Birds stop singing, telling each other:

The sun has gone down

I stretch my legs, stretch my limbs

Home again, enjoy the silence

Peace of mind, hmmmm

A smile on my face



Hello, good night

Happy to say Im alive

Happy to see Im intact, well and fine

But what are those scars on my legs?