Laggan Rhye - Exile (The Banishment)

I was born on an island
It is called Purple Stone
It has merry born people
Yes itís great to call it ďhomeĒ

I was taught to keep smiling
Although I am hurt
It has no hold on my feelings
And I can fly like a bird

But as I am gone
Iím far away
And as I have left
Iím all astray
But when I left town
I was all purple
Yet now I am scared
Have to be careful

I am sworn to be silent
As a heart cold as stone
And to not let stones hurt me
Yes the old purple rocks get thrown

I am proud to be purple
Bullied down in dirt
It makes no sense to be purple
And I can smile though I'm hurt

But as I'm a stone
I'm here to stay
And when I am cut
marbles get castaway
For I'm solid rock
I'm hard to slay
But someday I'll split
that's when I'll give way

But as I'm like bone
I'm hard to play
And as I am strong
I'm hard to weigh
Yet when I look back
I (still) feel betray(ed)
And now I am squared
mmmmm, I'm all in disarray

As today I'll crack down
the purple now fades away