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January 1st 2017

Sorry to have kept you waiting....

Laggan Rhye is finishing recording the latest song MILES AWAY FROM TRUTH, a 28 minute long tribute to truth. Or the lack of it.
To ease down the waiting a short compilation of some of the recorded pieces is available: Demo1. The demo is featuring Marius Thijssen on trombone and Kyle Schoutrop plays the guitar solo.

With three more songs about to record (Lie #6, If Not Dark And Light Oppose, and 35) and one in production (void) you will hear from us soon.

November 27th 2014

And there it is: The brand new song LOVE has been released today. This 8'21" song features two special guests: Brigitte Doensen as second vocalist and Kyle Schoutrop who's guitar solo made sure the climax of the song would have enough reach... Well, as you can hear it did.
The first outlines of LOVE were created in March 2013. Rehearsing and recording took longer than expected. All in all we needed the full 20 months to get this song finished. Laggan Rhye thinks the time was well spend. It's for you to judge if we are right...

Furthermore, the band is rehearsing one of the most elaborate songs it has ever produced: "miles away from truth". Already we went over the 15 minutes barrier, and we are not finished yet! It will easily match or surpass the epos "Asian", released in 2004. Which, if you like, as all songs can be enjoyed from the download-page.

November 24rd 2014

Laggan Rhye has finished recording and mixing of the song "LOVE". Special guest appearance by Brigitte Doensen (vocals) en Kyle Schoutrop (guitar solo), thanks a lot ! It will be released soon.

November 17th 2013

For those of you that like karaoke, an instrumental version of Road is now available at the download page.

November 9th 2013

Laggan Rhye is proud to release their new song Road. It is an eight minute story about a man struggling to accept the impression people have of him differs from what he thinks of himself.

This journey through life takes you from a dirt road in the desert to an oasis. Not wanting to leave the oasis you leave your shadow behind. When back on the dirt road you are attacked by ferocious animals. By pure endurance you reach a beautiful place where there's a lot of water. Senses come back and you realize you can't hide from your shadow, you also can't unite with it...

Special guest appearance, and thanks to, Kyle Schoutrop. He has played the stunning one minute guitar solo from 3'19" to 4'19".

April 15th 2013

Laggan Rhye have started recording the song Road.

April 1st 2013

Laggan Rhye are proud to announce a new song called LOVE.

It is a small story about a raindrop that is left on a leaf after a big rainstorm. He is wondering why he is alone. Since he is alone he never speaks out, and thinks the drop he's seeing is a mirror copy, a reflection of himself. Until another storm comes along and a big old and experienced drop lands on his leaf. He talks to him and tells him he's not alone. What he thinks' is a reflection is in fact another drop. By change they are a male drop and a female drop. (OK, as a lyric I am allowed to stretch the reality a bit...). They fall in LOVE and are very happy they are together. But as LOVE always has a sad side they can never hold each other.

"Keep distance, If we come close we get one.
 Don't kiss me, when we touch our love is gone."

A song introduction is to be viewed here, the complete lyrics are to be read here.
Laggan Rhye will be using a guest appearance for the lyrics that are to be sung by a woman. Recording will commence in a short while after pre-production finishes.

January 6th 2013

For the first time Laggan Rhye gives a wee peek at how they build up a song. You can watch how the main theme of "Exile" has been created on YouTube ( or via the public download on the download page.

January 5th 2013

The new song "Exile" has been released for public. It is available on de download page. The photo page has also been updated.

October 13th 2012

The band is recording their new song Exile right now. A song to be proud of. A build-up study of the song will be made available in a short while. [Is now available at] This will give an inside view of how the song has been developed into an 8 minutes long epos to the banishment...

August 5th 2012

The new song "Too Much Rope" is released and is available for download on the download page. It is a song within a song and lasts almost 11 minutes so there's lots of music to be enjoyed.

May 5th 2012

Laggan Rhye is rehearsing their new "Exile (The Banishment)".

July 24th 2011

Laggan Rhye is recording their new song "Too Much Rope". The guitar track is played by Jos van Halbeek who just recently joined the band.

March 10th 2011

And finally work has finished on the song "Hours", which has been released today. You can download and enjoy it from the download page.

February 2nd 2011

Any moment now and the song "Hours" will go into post production, soon to be released. Special attention for the keyboard solo right at the end of the song, which is played by John Hamers on his grand Moog.

October 13th 2010

Laggan Rhye has started work on recording and arranging of their brand new song "Hours".

July 12th 2009

Laggan Rhye is proud to release the brand new song " The Ant Song". You can read about it on the "Songs" page. A download is available at the "Download"  section.

April 18th 2008

Finally recording has finished of the beautiful brand new song "One". Laggan Rhye is very proud to present it on the download page.

November 11th 2007

Right after the release of Soliloquy three more beautiful songs were released: “Afraid of the Dark”, “Be” and a true gem “I’m here”. On the download page these songs are added, so if you want you can enjoy them.
Next to the release of three new songs the band is working on a brand new song called “ One”. All in all, things are going great for Laggan Rhye.

December 5th 2006

At last: A new album, called Soliloquy, has been released. It is a comprehensive album, containing songs recorded between 2000 and 2006. It is a must have for the eager listener, containing the extended edition of the song Years Ago.

March 11th 2006

Beautiful. That’s what springs to mind when you look at the brand new released DVD-box A Word In Heinsight. Originally it was only to have one track: Just the video clip of the song Years Ago. But when the band began production on the video they decided to release two more songs (Until It Opens and Going South). They form a batch with Years Ago and would make up a nice mini-album. Just before the mini-album was ready the song Falling was added to complete the album to a four-piece DVD. It turned out to be a nice, enjoyable album, and it is available from stock. Read more about it on A Word In Heinsight.

February 8th 2006

And finally the new album is there: A Word In Heinsight has been released for public today! News about how to avail will be posted in a short while.

January 22nd 2006

Due to some production problems the long awaited DVD “A Word In Heinsight” is not released yet. It will be released any moment now, and it is confirmed it will include the bonus track “Falling”. And in contrary to earlier announcements the DVD will not be shipped in a paper sleeve edition but in a full colour printed full size DVD box. And Laggan Rhye has put some extra additional features on the DVD when you play it on your personal computer. Please check back again soon to get news about it firsthand.

November 24th 2005

Laggan Rhye is recording the last track for their brand new song “Falling”. The last track was this time the base guitar, which is recorded on Thursday November 24th 2005. Pictures can be viewed here. Since there is some delay in releasing the new DVD “A Word In Heinsight”, Laggan Rhye is contemplating addition of this brand new song as a bonus track on this DVD. More to come…

October 8th 2005

After elaborate work on the video clip "Years Ago", Laggan Rhye is proud to announce they will release this clip together with two (audio only) bonus tracks. It will be released mid October 2005 on a paper sleeve DVD collectors item. It is called: A Word In Heinsight and a special webpage will tell you more about it.

October 3rd 2004

Today the band came together to record the main part of the video clip for Years Ago. It was a nice sunny day and the shooting went well. Some snapshots were taken which can be viewed here (pictures taken by Aschwin Geisler) and here (pictures taken by Ron van Attenveld).

August 25th 2004

The song "Years Ago" has been released. It is not available in CD or DVD yet, you have to wait for the upcoming DVD with the video clip. But still, a nice sounding MP3 can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD section. Extensive information about the song can be viewed here.

August 21st 2004

Lots of news to tell: Next week Laggan Rhye will start recordings for the video clip for the new song "Years Ago". It will be featured by a wooden rocking horse, you know, the one children use. So it will be pretty weird...
Also Laggan Rhye will start re-arranging the never finished song "Until It Opens". It is expected it will not take long, so recording should be starting soon.
Aschwin is just now writing a new song, which will take him a few weeks. Some preview sounds capes will be made available for download soon, so you can check it out for yourself! OK, here's the title: Going South .

August 18th 2004

The last tracks for the new song "Years Ago" are being recorded. Last night the band came together and a near final version was mixed. Only a few small adjustments and recordings need to be done and we're finished! Some snap-shots were taken during the mix-session, you can view them here . And a preview dated August 17th can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD section of this website. Enjoy it! We do.

August 13th 2004

The recording of the brand new song "Years Ago" is progressing rapidly. Last week Armin and Jos have been recording the drums. It took two evening-sessions to make them sound really nice and crisp. Armin has recorded most of the keyboard tracks by now and last night Aschwin has played and recorded some additional guitar tracks. And to make things even better extra lyrics have been written. Wow, this song rocks!

July 8th 2004

View the pictures taken at the first recording of "Years Ago" here .

July 2nd 2004

The creation of the new song "Years Ago " has been finished and Laggan Rhye will start recording it on next Tuesday, July 7th. Also, Laggan Rhye has bought a brand new sound card which will make recording even more enjoyable (Terratec Phase 88 ). Improved sound quality and more ease of use will make sure recording will me as smooth as ever... As soon as recording samples are available they will be put on the website.

April 20th 2004

Laggan Rhye is rehearsing a new song called “Years Ago”. Though the arrangement of the song is all but finished a sneak preview can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD section of this website. The recording was made during our rehearsal on Tuesday April 20th 2004, and is just roughly mixed down.

March 23rd 2004

Laggan Rhye is overwhelmed by the good reception of the new album In Total Silence. Unfortunately Laggan Rhye's guitarist Ernest has left the band. So there is a vacancy in the band and if you play guitar and want to join: Please do. On the application page you can find details about this vacancy.

February 29th 2004 (leap day)

Laggan Rhye has officially released their new album In Total Silence . Also they have released a video clip, which is based upon the second song on that album: Light Behind The Moon. In the MOVIE section of this website you can preview this clip. Also, all the songs can be downloaded from this website in the DOWNLOAD section.
Both the video clip and the audio CD are available in a nice DVD box, which is accompanied by a booklet.

February 28th 2004

The new internet web site is released.